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I have a weakness for logos, so however small my business is or was in the past it had to have certain recognizable style. Probably I should have asked a professional to do this properly, but I like to play with computer myself so I always preferred to create my logos myself. With more or less success.

My first business logo was, well, only slightly edited logo of one well known auto parts retailer. Although back then I didn’t know about the very existence of that company (it did not operate on our local market) I just came across nice baseball hat with that logo on it and decided that it could be a part of my uniform and graphic style.

I was very proud of my second business logo, I came up with nice idea for it, put a lot of time in making it and it looked fine in my favorite colors. So I was quite disappointed to see that AutoBlog website have been using very similar image in the same colors as part of their logo (although they are not using it now).

There is an abundance of “AB” logos out there, but I have not seen any similar to mine. Bingo! I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I like it. It looks fine in any color too – I’m not particularly stuck to this red – and responds well to some degree of stretching or squeezing

Logo Sign_favicon template

No, I did not create this car sketch for extended version of the logo, I paid some $30 to use it and those rare visitors who came across earlier versions of my web page have seen this picture wearing different “AB” badge

logo 1_0

This logo makes a cool locking screen for my phone too. How many other small business owners can do the same with their phones? 😉


Just in case you’d like to have the same on your phone you can download it from here :-)





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