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While I’m spending most of the time for now with my laptop and phone doing all the boring business organisation stuff (I finished my business plan and it looks do-able!) I can’t resist to escape from all that office work to the shop and do some work there too.

My workbench got itself a twin brother


Because of small mistake in measurements of required parts this is not an identical twin but you’ll need to have a measuring tape or very sharp eye to notice that. It is slightly longer, which is not bad in any way, anyway :-)

Here is what I wanted to do for years – to hang all my testing wires on the wall so they won’t be permanently entangled any longer as they were while stored in a tool box


And this is another piece of equipment I desperately wanted to get for years – multi-channel (8 channel!) digital oscilloscope


It does not look like much when hanging on a wall but it gets much fancier when connected between a car and laptop


O wow, with this sort of equipment I feel myself a real High Tech kind of guy, someone who can figure out something important by observing mysterious waveforms on computer screen :-)

Actually here I’m just satisfying my curiosity on the operation principles of PCM controlled alternator on Ford F-350. Nevertheless it is indeed a whole new angle to look at the fast changing signals. Makes diagnostics much more efficient once you get a bit of experience using this ultra-valuable tool. Really liked this thing from the first try, very flexible and capable piece of equipment. Even from the very beginning, how cool is that to set a color of the waveform to be the same as color of the wire you reading a signal from! :-). Or how about the recording capabilities for multiple signals that only limited by the free space on a hard drive?

Should have got it a long time ago!



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