Total Integration

On a 2008 Pontiac Montana the ABS wheel speed sensor made as an integral part of the front hub bearing. Whenever you need a new sensor or new wheel bearing you have to buy them together. Which is not that unusual now. What is unusual is that they decided to route wires of the ABS sensor just by rotating CV joint case. Seriously? You, guys, could not come up with better idea or have you done that on purpose? Sensor connector holding bracket supposed to keep wires away but they are still dangerously close!



Eventually that bracket gets corroded and breaks off. Wires fall on rotating CV joint body and here you is when you have to buy a new hub assembly with the sensor just because of two wires broken and corroded in such a spot where you can not even repair them reliably


By the way the sensor itself is made so flimsy that it breaks apart when removing the hub bearing anyway.

Although they were not happy yet with their integration exercises on this vehicle. So they decided to make an engine oil filler plug as an integral part of an engine plastic cover


Nope, they can not be separated!


So now, whenever you need to do some work on the engine that requires engine cover to be removed (which is essentially any work on the engine) you’ll have oil filler hole open and waiting for some bolt or nut or piece of dirt to fall inside the engine


I guess they supply oil filler plug as a special tool now so that mechanic can actually do some work on it safely?

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