Now I Got An A/C Machine!

Essential piece of equipment that I did not have until now: A/C recovery and recharge machine.


Needed far more often than just to do work directly related to A/C systems. Whenever I need to replace radiator, heater core, remove the dashboard, replace engine or lift the cab from the frame – I need to recover refrigerant from the A/C system and then recharge it again. If not every time then quite often anyway. I wish I had this machine even when I’ve been replacing timing belt on PT Cruiser – two A/C tubes where right in the way of bloody everything! Luckily I got the machine right in the day when I had to pull the engine out of another truck.

Pretty much now I have everything to pull apart and then put back together any car, SUV or light truck. Just in case if I need to do so.


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