Calling dealers to get quotes on parts is such a waste of time! Yesterday I had to spend 8 minutes on the phone just to get a price on two parts for one vehicle. Today it was another 14 minutes to price four parts and then another 5 minutes to price another two. It doesn’t sound like much, but in a busy day when you have to make multiple quotes on few different vehicles all this adds up dramatically. Spending an hour or more in a day just to make calls, just to get quotes is simply way too expensive!

I am dreaming about some centralized parts ordering system for getting OEM parts similar to what NAPA and some other parts suppliers have. Some online catalogs are there but only very few of them work in Canada not even mention that I rarely have an option to wait few days for parts to be shipped. The most stupid thing is that OEM parts catalogs are not open for public or even just repair shops! Nope, they are only for dealers or you have to pay license fee to get an access to it! Wow, its like if I have to pay in grocery store for the right to have a look at their shelves and price stickers!

The most amazing thing is that when I was working in dealerships as diagnostic technician I wasn’t allowed to have an access to parts catalogs and price lists either. Nope, this is for parts guys only! So you have to waste time again to go to the parts counter and explain what you need, ask how much does it cost and so on. Cost of the part by the way is important diagnostic information. You don’t want to spend three hours at $175/hour dealership rate diagnosing some electronic unit if it only costs $45. Just replace it and see if it works, it is cheaper.

Jeez, just give me an access to parts catalog so I can enter the VIN, get the part number and get price and availability at the nearest dealer so I can go and get it there (or better yet order a delivery). THIS WILL INCREASE YOUR GODDAMN SALES!

But no, they want to keep that monstrously inefficient 19-th century system in place! Do they seriously hope that it will help them to get more business?!

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