Very Busy!

Wow, it is more than 10 months since I posted the last entry on the blog. A visitor here might get an impression that life has stopped at AB automotive and business got faded out since there is no more activity on the website.

In fact, it is the very opposite of that. Workflow is huge here all the time! Finding a bit of free time to do something other than actual work on cars and trucks is the biggest problem now, including updating content on the website. I am glad I was able to remember the admin password to get here ;-). I had to stop advertising in August last year because there was more work coming in that I was capable to get done. Half a year later and I still have no need to renew advertising (I actually had plans and ideas for that). I have work waiting to get done every day and booking appointments almost few days in advance. This is the reason why I am keeping a low profile – when waiting times for the customers to get in are more than a week long, they are not exactly happy about it. Unhappy customers are bad for business, no matter what caused that. For this reason, it turns out that having a work booked in for few weeks in advance is not as cool as it seemed before and this situation needs to be avoided as much as possible.

For the same reason of being too busy to take care of the spam in comments, I have to close comments on all posts and articles on the website, sorry. If you have something to say feel free to send me an email or contact me on Facebook.

In general, business is good, I have the best job now I ever had an I am very happy about it! I wish I would have more time to have the website updated regularly, but looks like it is unlikely to happen

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