Calling dealers to get quotes on parts is such a waste of time! Yesterday I had to spend 8 minutes on the phone just to get a price on two parts for one vehicle. Today it was another 14 minutes to price four parts and then another 5 minutes to price another two. It doesn’t


Ford 5.4 Time Bomb

First of all: every manufacturer in automotive business has some bad and some good designs. All of them. Period. So there is no need to start any brand wars here. Today we are talking about Ford’s design and it will be 5.4 V8 engine (aka Triton, although there is a whole bunch of engines in


Now I Got An A/C Machine!

Essential piece of equipment that I did not have until now: A/C recovery and recharge machine. Needed far more often than just to do work directly related to A/C systems. Whenever I need to replace radiator, heater core, remove the dashboard, replace engine or lift the cab from the frame – I need to recover refrigerant from

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