AB automotive operates on an idea that a direct contact between customer and technician working on customer's vehicle works better for both parties. For this reason, I do not employ a receptionist, secretary or a service advisor in my business and prefer to communicate with every customer myself. In order to communicate with as many customers as possible and still have time to do actual work of an automotive technician, I have to implement certain contact practices. I would appreciate if you consider following these practices when contacting me. Thank you!


  • +1 780 380-3206
While you are very welcome to give me a call any day I would appreciate if you choose to send me a text message instead. I understand that it might seem inconvenient for some people, but taking a phone call is often not possible for me because of the intense workflow, noise in the shop, distraction, and other factors. If you think that texting is "rude" and it is more polite to make a call - rest assured, I absolutely do not see it that way and I hope you won't consider me texting you as inappropriate practice.


You can contact me by a Facebook messenger sending a message to my personal account only after you have sent me a friend request and got yourself added to my friend list. The reason for this is that Facebook would not send me a notification otherwise and your message might remain unnoticed for weeks until I visit my page myself and notice the small message notification icon. The same is true about posting on my Facebook business page - Facebook fails to send me an instant notification about the post (or it is unclear for me how to set up this option). In my opinion, Facebook is very poorly designed platform for business communication and I only use it because of the high popularity of this platform among internet and phone users.


  • ab.automotive.ca@gmail.com
  • ab.customers@gmail.com
  • abcw5050@gmail.com
  • ab7803803206@gmail.com
Email is by far the best way of business communication and I encourage my contacts using it as much as possible. You can use any of the email addresses above to contact me, they are all being forwarded to the same address and sent right to my phone immediately. I only use different emails so they are easier to remember or spell over the phone.

Provide the details

Unless your vehicle had visited my shop before please text me the VIN and mileage of it right away (you can take a picture and send it to me). Briefly describe what is the concern that you need to get addressed on the vehicle in question, even if you know for sure what part needs to be replaced. I understand that you might be shopping around for the lowest price and this is perfectly fine with me, I am confident I can provide not just a vague "excellent value" but actually the low price for a high-quality work and parts. Nevertheless providing a repair estimate might require having the vehicle inspected and problem correctly identified and diagnosed first. If you unable to provide the details or unsure about them being correct, then the best way is to arrange an appointment for a quick inspection before proceeding with ordering parts and repairs or further diagnostics.
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