Despite of what some people might think based on my pricing policy “AB automotive” is legitimate fully licensed, registered and insured business run by a licensed Red Seal Automotive Service Technician – that’s me!

No, I am not some unlicensed guy with some rough idea about cars who fixes them for cash, beer and smokes in his backyard. My shop is small and humble (for now) but this is what contributes to lower overheads (along with a lots of hard work, careful planning and creative thinking) allowing me to offer quality solutions for car and small trucks repairs and maintenance at lower cost.

Some people suggested more then once that I have to mask my certificate number if it is displayed online. An original copies of this certificate, AMVIC license and my technical training credentials are displayed on the wall of my shop.

Please note that date of the certificate above reflects time when I arrived to Canada and confirmed my existing qualification by passing Government Of Alberta exams (with 94% mark, by the way). My first professional qualification certificate dates back to 1997 and I started to work in this industry few years before that when my youth hobby gradually transformed into a life-time occupation.

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