1. Yes, I can do oil change
  2. No, I can not do it at lower price than a quick lube place. I understand that you might expect every service here costing less since the shop labor rate is lower here. Nevertheless, quick lube service is a completely different business model that is built on volume sales and different set up of the working processes then an automotive general repair shop.*
  3. Some other repair shops might offer you an oil change at the same price or even lower than quick lube shops. This is what called “loss lead”. They are, indeed, losing money on this service in order to retain existing customers or attract new ones. Unfortunately, I can not afford, neither I feel a need, to provide any kind of service at loss in order to attract customers. Instead of that I prefer to offer better priced options on the jobs that I can do efficiently and with high quality.
  4. Every oil change service at AB automotive includes tire rotation and brakes check as no cost option. Also if you want me to do a quick check on something while the vehicle is on the lift draining oil – just ask, there is no extra charge for looking and professional advice.
  5. Total cost of the oil change service consists of 1.0 hr of labor + cost of the oil filter + cost of oil according to the grade required for your vehicle and engine oil capacity. Since price of the oil filter and oil capacities are different for different models there is no right away answer to the question “how much is the oil filter”. Price will vary, although not significantly
  6. I only stock, recommend to use and use for my own vehicles synthetic oil because it is so much superior than any regular oil and contributes dramatically to engine longevity and reliability. There are might be an argument which brand of synthetic oil is better, Castrol or Mobil1, Pennzoil or Amsol or is it a Royal Purple that is the best – but there is no argument than regular oil is significantly inferior to any of those.
  7. I also use only higher grade oil filters, it would be either OEM filter or NAPA Gold series filters. They are pretty much equivalent in quality and price. I need to know in advance if you want me to use OEM oil filter for your vehicle so I can get it from a dealer.
  8. With every oil change you will get a label under the hood clearly showing the mileage and date at which the oil change have been done as well as the oil brand and grade used for it. I leave the oil change interval decision on customer’s discretion. Never exceed oil change interval recommended by vehicle manufacturer or indicated by the oil change indicator (message or light on the dash). Shorter intervals are always better but unless you a stuck a lot in traffic or leave engine idling for prolonged periods of time going below 5000 km oil change interval probably would be an overkill.
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