1. Following the timing belt replacement intervals is extremely important. My strong personal preference and advice is to replace timing belt before the mileage or age limit set by the vehicle manufacturer.
  2. Timing belt fails without any warning in most cases leading to the very expensive engine repairs on most engines.
  3. Replacing timing belt only is not a sufficient maintenance measure. Timing belt stretches a tiny bit over the years reducing tension and load on idler pulleys and tensioner pulley bearings. Newly installed belt will have higher tension and put more load on bearing. Often enough this might cause their subsequent failure. Failed pulley bearing will cause timing belt failure.
  4. The same applies to the water pumps where they are driven by the timing belt, hence is a recommendation to replace these water pumps when replacing timing belts. It is a good idea to change engine coolant at the same time as it will be mostly drained anyways and coolant change interval is roughly the same as for the timing belt.
  5. I normally provide a quote for a complete service: timing belt with pulleys and tensioners, water pump and coolant change (if the pump is timing belt driven one). If you specifically want a quote for partial service (ie. without coolant change, without water pump replacement, without pulleys or tensioners) feel free to ask and I’ll provide you another, lower quote (significantly lower if you choose to do timing belt alone). I expect you to understand possible negative consequences of your own decision.
  6. Where the pulley bearing or water pump bearing or seal fails after replacing the timing belt alone, the whole work will need to be done again, in full and fully paid. Some manufacturers state that timing belt is not reusable, even the newly installed belt needs to be discarded and replaced once removed. Therefore an idea to do timing belt now and pump and/or pulleys some day later will not save you any money at all.
  7. For the timing belt jobs, customer supplied parts are not accepted, with no exceptions. I do not accept parts supplied by customers for the timing belt jobs. I am absolutely sure that when facing considerable expenses associated with timing belt failure none of the customers will blame the part supplier and none of the part suppliers will accept such a responsibility. Full responsibility in such a case will be on me and it is me who will be suspected in all kinds of sins and mistakes made on installation and causing damage to supplied parts. If you want to save money and get cheap parts for this job then just don’t stop there and do the whole job by yourself because I am not willing to share your risks.
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