“AB automotive” shop is 10 minutes drive (12 km) to the West from Costco store.

Video Directions

Illustrated Directions

Written Directions

Download and print out the map with directions

Video Directions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but one video is even better than that. See this two minute video for driving directions or download it from here (play speed is 5 times of normal so you won’t need to waste the whole 10 minutes it took me to shot this clip)

If you don’t mind watching beautiful Grande Prairie landscapes for ten minutes, see the same clip in real time or download it from here


Illustrated Directions

Click on the thumbnail to open bigger picture or open the separate page with full resolution pictures for better details.

Driving by 100 Ave to the West, Costco store is on the left


Passing traffic lights at 116 Street

116 street

Passing traffic lights at 120 Street

120 street

Passing traffic lights at the airport road (124 Street)

124 street__airport

Leaving Grande Prairie by Highway 43 West (Wembley – Beaverlodge – Alaska direction)

Leaving GP

Proceed straight at this intersection (one with “Nordhagen” sign)


Proceed straight at this intersection (one with “Spring Creek Road” sign). You will need to turn left after the top of the hill ahead

Spring Creek

Take left turn at this intersection, following the “Dimsdale” sign

Dimsdale Left

Proceed straight along Range Road 72A. Note the speed limit here is 80 km/h


When you see this oilfield trailer rental place on your right slow down, you will need to turn right soon

Approaching right

Take right turn to the wide gravel road here

Right turn

You took the correct turn if you see this sign on your left now

Parts North

There is a short stretch (400 m, 1/4 mile) of good quality gravel road

Gravel road

My property, surrounded by small trees, is right after the used parts place (“Dimsdale Auto Parts” who are my good neighbor).

My place

Turn left following “AB automotive” sign. If you see this shop, you arrived at the right place!



Written Directions


  1. Start from 100 Avenue / 116 Street intersection facing West (you are on 100 Avenue and Costco store is on your left)
  2. Head west on Highway 43 for 9.1 km (5.65 miles) towards Wembley / Beaverlodge
  3. Turn left onto Range Rd 72A following “Dimsdale 3km” road sign
  4. In 2.6 km (1.6 miles) turn right at the sign “Parts North”
  5. In 400 meters (1/4 mile) turn left towards “AB automotive” sign

Download and print out map with directions

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