Labor charges

AB automotive base shop labor rate is $50/hour for all cars, SUVs and pickup trucks up to 1/2 ton.


Due to high work flow and availability limitations currently I can not accept any orders to work on vintage vehicles (over 25 years old), custom built vehicles, recreational activity vehicles and accessory installation orders. This type of work is hard to accommodate in busy schedule while having only one bay and one lift available. Shop extension project is in the pipeline so this policy is temporary and is in effect until further notice.

AB automotive does not provide services for fleet customers and commercial vehicles (any vehicle bigger than half-ton truck). Investment in shop space and equipment required to provide quality work for heavy vehicles can not be justified without increase in labor rate and pricing in general.

Parts prices

I am doing my very best to supply quality parts at the lowest cost while providing complete warranty back up as required by law and beyond that where it is supported by part suppliers. It will be hard for you to get parts at the lower price then I can get them for you, but you can try.

Customer supplied parts might not be accepted if they suspected to be of the poor quality.


Minimum warranty for parts and labor is 90 days or 5000 km, whichever comes first. Longer warranty is available in many cases as supported by part suppliers covering parts cost only or parts and labor.

No warranty of any kind provided where parts for repair supplied by customer.


Estimates provided in written for all standard repair and maintenance operations on non-modified vehicles. Vehicle inspection might be required in order to provide an estimate.

Estimates can not be provided for diagnostic labor times where cause of concern is not apparent and requires additional testing, removal or disassembly of components. This is caused by very nature of diagnostic work where amount of time required to establish root cause of concern or fault can not be reliably predicted.

Diagnostic charges

Diagnostic time charges applied where root cause of concern or fault can not be established by test drive, visual inspection, computer diagnostic check or after minimal disassembly within 15 minutes working on the vehicle. After the first 15 minutes diagnostic time is charged at $50/hour straight time, within limits approved by customer in advance.

GST and service charge

All bills are subject to 5% GST and 3% service charge. Service charge covers the cost of shop supplies and debit/credit card processing fees.

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