My shop and working processes are currently set up to service light vehicles only: all makes and models of cars, minivans, SUVs, and trucks up to and including half-ton pickups.

While I do have an experience and qualifications to work on bigger vehicles, currently in my shop I am unable to provide complete and efficient solutions for the repairs and maintenance of those vehicles. I understand that there is a big demand for maintenance and service of heavy pickups and commercial vehicles in Grande Prairie. Nevertheless, providing a quality service in this area calls for a different setup in terms of facilities, equipment, and staffing. Putting it in simple terms: to work on bigger trucks I need a bigger shop, bigger lift, bigger engine crane, bigger booster pack, bigger wrenches, bigger hammers and bigger pry bars, bigger towing vehicle etc., etc…. Also, I might need to hire some help in order to do this type of work, otherwise it gets too physical and even dangerous at times. Implementing this would involve significant investment and expenses. This will inevitably result in increased costs to run this business and subsequently higher price point. While this is perfectly possible for me and I have no doubts about getting sufficient demand for this type of work, this will move AB automotive into a different category. Also, as a matter of fact, I expect the demand to work on heavy vehicles to be so high that I won’t have any time left to work on smaller cars and trucks, not even mention that it will be more expensive. This would ultimately contradict my business general idea to provide high-quality work in an affordable price range.

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