My shop is currently set up with intent to service light vehicles. Due to the shop size, equipment capacity and my own personal limitations I do not provide any services for the trucks or other vehicles bigger than half-ton pickups. While I do have an experience and qualifications to work on bigger vehicles currently in my shop I am unable to provide complete and efficient solutions for the repairs and maintenance of those vehicles. Putting it in simple terms: to work on bigger trucksĀ I need bigger shop, bigger lift, bigger crane, bigger booster pack, even bigger wrenches, bigger hammers and bigger pry bars :-). Also I would need to hire some help in order to do this work as otherwise it might get too physical and even dangerous. All this would involve significant investment and expenses resulting in increased costs to run this business and subsequently increased prices for all customers. This would ultimately contradict my business general idea to provide quality services in affordable price range.

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